Monday, June 11, 2012

Love or Religious lenses

In so many cases we have completely missed the revelation of Gods nature because of a distorted view taught to us by Religion. Religion has portrayed God a s a hypocrite who tells us to act one way whilst He Himself act the complete opposite. These words were spoken by God the Son who said, “if you have seen me you have seen the Father” and I and the Father are one”. In Other words, We can be sure that God acts and believes the same way Jesus did.
But there is a clear contradiction between the current Religious version of Christianity and what God himself said. Lets take a look at the words of our unchanging King who remains the same yesterday, today, and into every future age to come:

Luk 6:27  `But I say to you who are hearing, Love your enemies, do good to those hating you, (This is what God himself does. But, Religion teaches that God hates sinners and will “eternally punish” all “God haters”)

Luk 6:28  bless those cursing you, and pray for those accusing you falsely;  (This is what God does. He causes his rain/blessing to fall on all. When he knows people sin because of a distorted view of Himself he says “Father, FORGIVE them because they are acting in Ignorance”. BUT Religion teaches that God will change and inflict vengeance on all those ignorant of Him).

Luk 6:29  and to him smiting thee upon the cheek, give also the other, and from him taking away from thee the mantle, also the coat thou mayest not keep back. (This is what God himself does because He loves and understands the cause of peoples selfishness and he does not hold it against them. He knows that they do not know any better than to act according to who they think they are. But, Religion teaches that God demands that you "pay back to Him" or else He will curse you.)

Luk 6:30  `And to every one who is asking of thee, be giving; and from him who is taking away thy goods, be not asking again; (This is how God is. He is unconditionally generous He knows our needs before we even ask. But, Religion says that in order to receive from God you have to either build up enough faith, do many good deeds or be sure to give enough money “to God”.)

Luk 6:31  and as ye wish that men may do to you, do ye also to them in like manner; (God himself relates to us in this manner because He is not a hypocrite. But, Religion tells us God will not show grace or love or favor to those who do not act in a certain way or believe certain sets of beliefs.)

Luk 6:32  and--if you love those loving you, what grace have you? for also the sinful love those loving them; (God is very Gracious, God ‘s love is NOT CONDITIONAL on us first loving Him. He fist loved us – even while we were still “God Haters”. But, Religion teaches that Gods anger is burning against people UNTILL they believe in Him – and love him. Only then will God become Gracious towards you).

Luk 6:33  and if ye do good to those doing good to you, what grace have ye? for also the sinful do the same; ((God loves even those who Hate him. But, Religion teaches that God hates and will become unloving and ungracious towards all who don’t love him. Religion teaches that God’s grace is/will become conditional towards all who don’t love or believe in Him.)
Luk 6:34  and if ye lend to those of whom ye hope to receive back, what grace have ye? for also the sinful lend to sinners--that they may receive again as much. (God is like this – He doesn’t give to us and expect repayment. But, Religion teaches that if you don’t “Give back to God” his tithe, then He will curse you. Religion teaches that God is “a hard task master who has reaped where he hasn’t sown” and He - just like the “sinner” expects pay back from what He has given you.)

Luk 6:35  `But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and ye shall be sons of the Highest, because He is kind unto the ungracious and evil; (God is like this. He gives, but not in order to receive something back. He gives freely because He loves everyone, even to those who hate Him. He is kind even unto the ungracious and evil. But, religion teaches that “a person would be stupid to give and not to expect to receive something back.” Religion encourages us to sow and “store up” in our heavenly accounts, BUT Regarding provision, Jesus said “Look to the BIRDS OF THE AIR (not the farmer in the field), they DO NOT SOW OR REAP OR STORE UP IN BARNS but your Father looks after them. How much more will He care for you.
God is kind to the ungracious and Evil But Religion teaches that Gods grace is conditional and will torment such “for all eternity”.

Whilst this may be shocking for many and pose a whole host of questions regarding what they have been taught. My encouragement to you is to pursue those answers through the lenses of God's Love for you. He does not change like the doctrines of man do, according to his current need. Our Unchanging Lover is calling us to "change our minds and trust in this Good News"

Acts 4:19 "But Peter and John answered them, "Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather than to God, you must judge,"

What exciting times we are in
Much love

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