Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feasting on the Evidence

Hi guys, i have not written for a while because I simply have not been able to express what Ive been feeling in my heart, and I have not had a chunk of time to sit down and put it all down in writing.
I came across this which is very much in line with the Freedom and love of God that has become something of an inexpressible reality in my heart.
There is just so much more in the realms of tangible love for us.

"As we are now absorbed into a new Kingdom with a new King that reigns in our new hearts, I feel it wise for us to know what this Kingdom consists of. After all, if one never knows, how can one experience its treasures?

The Apostle Paul is genius in communicating this kingdoms ingredients and I feel it necessary to add nothing to His words. Romans 14:17 "[After all] the Kingdom of God is not a matter of [getting the ] food and drink [ one likes ] , but instead it is righteousness [ that state which makes a person acceptable to God] and [heart] peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.-amp. Righteousness, peace and joy, amazingly, are the evidence of the Kingdom of God.

The Great Gospel of imparted righteousness is in continual orbit around this glorious King and His Kingdom; Like the living creatures surrounding the throne continually singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy". All of heaven is enraptured in the ecstasy of His holiness and astonished that this holiness has been graced to us!

This holiness and righteousness is not attained by self-submission and self-obedience. No, this righteousness can only be drunk down as a gift. For no other kind of righteousness can stand before His presence. No other dance floor can hold His Joy and His Glory. Nothing but an unearned, unachieved, glorious gift!

In turn this Happy Message produces in a man such heart filling peace and enamoring joy that he realizes that he need nothing else. This man, that receives such a glorious existence given only by such a glorious God, becomes completely satisfied!

This is the state of Kingdom existence. Ecstatic satisfaction! This is what the Gospel affords and imparts to those who believe.

Many other things are mistaken to be evidence of Kingdom fullness. These are twisted ideas that measure a mans nearness to the Lord by a mans gift of miracles, encounters, ability or works. Such notions that leave room only for self-achievement, self-attainment and eventually lead to self-disappointment. When one gives his heart over to such a system of believing he forgets the very heart of the true Gospel, which is simple childlike faith. Instead of trusting in the ability of God, one finds himself in a place where his efforts are needed to produce the desired result. Whether it be miracles, holiness or any other good thing.

Language, then, also follows suit and what is heard from the mans tongue is no longer the glories of The Gift, but rather a boast in the need to pursue and to press. The song sung to the well of salvation is no longer heard.

The Jews were guilty because they demanded signs and wonders but missed the scandalous Grand Miracle, which was Christ coming to dwell in their hearts. The crime I believe was not the wanting of the miraculous but missing it when it came. The Greeks were equally guilty in their want for wisdom but again they missed Christ, who is the manifold wisdom of God. All of us are guilty of this subtle mesmerizing of the soul, but as subtle as it may be it leads to a polluted and stagnant pool. Surrendering to such ideas build up for ourselves a kingdom made of salt and castles made of sand, which inevitably fall with the changing of the wind.

Religion always wants something additional to simple faith and trust. Of course miracles do come, but they come at the call of faith. Jesus said that the signs would follow those who believe upon the Gospel. Believing upon the joyful message of what Christ has done is all that God really wants.

Let me put forth a simple truth. God does not need our help! This is a simple yet revolutionary truth. He does the miraculous sovereignly and independent of our striving, achieving or lack thereof. Paul in Galatians 3 reminds the bewitched Galatian church that Christ did miraculous and wondrous, supernatural things not according to their law rituals of fasting and self denial, but according to their clinging to and trusting in the message of the Gospel.

Yes, let us desire miracles and the endless, wondrous realms of heaven. But don't forget that heaven is at our hands. Forget not that heaven has invaded our hearts like a king conquering a foreign land needing permission from none. Forget not that Jesus is heaven and that He does not come and go. He abides with us and in us always. He, once and for all, opened heaven for all to taste and to drink their fill.

It's not just the for few who can press in for it. No, it is for all who believe! Don't take your eyes off of the Grand Miracle of a life possessed by God.

Scour the scriptures if you dare and see what you find. But be carful, major foundations of what you believe may be shaken and may even fall to their knees and bow to the Majestic Gospel.

The true evidence of fullness of the Kingdom and its realities is childlike faith being empowered and expressed by love. When this simple truth arrests a mans heart he sets sail on an endless ocean of bliss. The measuring rod of comparison is tossed overboard. The storms of un-fulfillment and disappointment disintegrate into nothing. No longer let down by the lack of seeing the miraculous, he is absorbed in a gaze at THE Miracle. Heaven is the wind in his sails and signs and wonders ripple endlessly behind. This man sings the melody of faith endlessly and joyously, like a drunken sailor singing after having too much rum. This is the true evidence of the realities of the Kingdom.

Let this be your song, let it drip from your lips like sticky honey dripping from the comb. Let all who hear it taste its sweetness and be addicted to its effects upon their soul."

Guys, how simple is this!!
Oh God, reveal the hugeness of your love for us, to us that we could represent this reality to others!!!

God Blessed you