Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its so Simple!!

Wow, so much has changed in the last few months and even in the last few years since I discovered how amazing the Gospel really is!!!
All the years of striving in a religious system seem like brief, fading memory in comparison to the discovery I have "stumbled" across. Jesus has and continues to revealed such freedom to us as he keeps breaking off the lies we believed about Who Father really is!!
I just get so excited with the freshness of the Good News even though it may be the thousandth time I read the same truth..... its crazy!!! 
So I thought I would share this :)  

"Jesus did not come because you owed God a debt and God was against you.
The Trinity is not divided. (many people have been taught a picture of the God as this angry, vengeful Judge ready to smite us all..... BUT, lucky for us that Jesus steps in.... He somehow feels differently about us than the Father!!!.... how insane is that thinking!!)
Both the Father and Son were united in the plan for your salvation.
Jesus came because you had extreme value in the Father's eyes.

But wasn't God angry in the Old Testament?
But His anger was never towards man. Never.
His wrath, His intense fiery love was to be poured out on sin.
It was never His heart that man would get in the way.
It broke His heart to see His children see Him as their enemy.

What was sin?
Sin was a disease that attacked the very essence of who you are: a carrier of God's glory.
Beloved, know this, God was always for you.
I don't care what preacher or evangelist tries to twist the scriptures to say our Dad in Heaven hates people, I can assure you he doesn't.

He is Love and not just that, He is AGAPE.
He is willing to suffer long.
He is kind.
He is not envious.
He does not parade Himself.
He is not puffed up.
He does not behave rudely.
He does not seek His own interests.
He is not provoked.
He thinks no evil.
He does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.
He bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

If I am not describing the Father you know and love, then out of love for you, I have to say that you have been duped into believing in a God who looks nothing like the one Jesus came to reconcile all men to.

God is good to us.
I dare you to believe it!!"

Further more:

‎"If you believe that Jesus carried our sins but the Father "couldn't look them", then you are splitting the Trinity that doesn't have a split. You are saying that Jesus was ok to handle sin, but God isnt... that Jesus is therefore subservient to God and therefore not God..... so you are not actually a Christian."

......"For God (Father, Son, Spirit) so loved the world (everyone!!!) that He sent His Son......."

Peace and Love to you all