Thursday, May 3, 2012

Faith's Mom - Love

Love, you have captured my attention
You have stolen my affection
You make me lie down in perfect peace
Your flavour brings rest
Lost in You I am truly me
Truly me shines truly Thee
Your unceasing Love an unceasing tide
Revealing all hearts flooded with Light
You are not new you have no "from"
Love you are true Faiths mom

Love always preceded Faith and existed long before man was made. Love gives birth to faith. Without Love faith has no substance and cannot exist, without seeing Love, what we have known to be "Faith" is simply Will Power.
Religion makes Faith into a cold blooded work. Love produces Faith as a Fruit. True faith works through Love.
If we have "Faith" that can move mountains but don't know love, it all counts for nothing. Faith is a beautiful thing when it admires Love as Greater than itself. Love is greater than Faith and Hope because it gives birth to them. 
Faith is not a tangible, boundried set of theological ordinances, Faith is simply "to Trust" or Be "Persuaded". 

Now, regarding the Gospel, Faith is to be persuaded of Gods unconditional Love that He has for you (and the rest of his creation). We have ALL been given the measure of Faith (By God - who is LOVE). This means that we have ALL (Believer and non-believer) have the ability to be Persuaded and to place our Trust in something. The Gospel message we share carries Gods power to enable those who Trust it to CONSCIOUSLY PARTICIPATE with  Him IN and Through their lives.

Some people (Unbelievers) are UNCONSCIOUSLY participating with God because their Trust and Persuasion is resting in other things (Perhaps they are one of the multiple millions who have never heard the Good News). But even though they are "UNTrusting" in Him, He remains Trustworthy because He cannot deny himself. Christ (Love) is in ALL and through ALL things and ALL things are held together by Him and exist because of Him.

The Muslim Doctor in Pakistan working on cures for diseases is a display of GOD's love for mankind.
The Buddhist lady caring for Orphans in China is a display of GOD's love for mankind.
The Atheist professor working and spending huge amounts of money to preserve verge-of-extinction plant species is displaying GOD's heart for His creation.
The everyday parents in a "non-Christian" culture who Love and Care for their children and families are reflecting Jesus' heart.
The grieving Satanist widow is sharing Gods pain for her loss. The love she felt for her husband originated in God. Her deep need to be comforted is His desire to fulfil in her. Why? Because He LOVES her as much as He loves each of His other children.

John 1 "The Light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not recognised it"
God is not separated from those who dont yet know him or Trust Him. Christ is in ALL and through ALL things.

Its time our Gospel message stopped being one of 'Separation from God UNLESS you have FAITH,' and once again returned to "For God so LOVED the World that He gave His life for the sins of the World"
(and yes John 3:38, "and all those who have not been persuaded yet, Gods DESIRE remains on them"
check: regarding WRATH!!)

A Gospel message that primarily focusses on our need to have Faith is NOT the Gospel at all. The Gospel is a message of LOVE, and Faith comes by hearing this message.
May His Peace guide you into all Truth :)

Jesus Loves you all so much. 

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